Hard Resetting the Memory of HTC Sensation 4G

It’s just a couple of more weeks before we enter June in which the sensational HTC Sensation 4G is rumored to launch. And if you’ve planned to grab one, you’ve got to know anything related to this handset, including formatting its phone memory.


Hard Resetting the Memory of HTC Sensation 4G

Hard Resetting the Memory of HTC Sensation 4G

This move is necessary whenever you want your handset to be switched back to the standard setting and delete all data stored in the memory. Follow these simple steps to do it

1.      Go to “Menu”

2.      Tap “Setting” then “Privacy”

3.      Select “Reset phone”

4.      Enter your password and confirm the move

Now if that doesn’t work, you can try this longer way

1.      Switch off your handset, remove and reinsert the battery

2.      Turn it on again while pressing and holding “Volume down” button

3.      You’ll be seeing a set of option like “Fastbook”, “Recovery”, “Clear storage”, and “SIM Lock”

4.      Select “Clear storage” using “Volume down” button

5.      Press and let go the “Power” button and confirm the move

After following those steps correctly, you’ll find your Sensation 4G reboot by itself. But you don’t need to worry. Nothing’s wrong about that. It’s the process.


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