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Exclusive: Enjoy a Tablet and the Los Angeles Angels at the same time!

Suprisingly enough, T-Mobile has just announced its partnership with Los Angeles Angels in bringing the tablet rental to the Angel’s stadium. “T-Mobile’s Android tablets, combined with America’s Largest 4G Network™, give Angels fans customized content for an affordable price when they rent a tablet during Angels games,” said Darrin Silveria, vice president general manager, Southern California, [...]

T-Mobile through Facebook Provide 50% Coupon for Accessory Purchases

As we’ve noted before that beginning today, 4th of July, T-Mobile is giving out 50% coupon for Accesory Purchases. And sure is, right on schedule T-Mobile has posted on their Facebook page a coupon for T-Mobile customers to receive 50% off accessories with a printable coupon at your local T-Mobile store. But based on information [...]

Slash Gear Tabletpalooza 2011 is Giving Away T-Mobile G-Slate!

The people at Slash Gear are having give-away android tablets. Ending it tomorrow for this week, they have T-Mobile G- slate from NVIDIA. This is the tablet, perhaps you’ve heard of it, that’s got a dual-core processor, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, and two cameras on the back. If you are interested by any chance, then you [...]