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Unlimited Data Changes by T-Mobile UK

If you could remember earlier this year, T-Mobile UK announced then reversed plans to slash its 3Gb/1Gb monthly data allowance to a paltry 500Mb. Now it seems it’s sorted out a proper response and is committing to a new “truly unlimited” offer to new and existing customers who take out a 24-month contract costing £25.54 [...]

Different Tariffs, Different Mobile Data Speeds Means Different Charge from T-Mobile

This time the information comes from T-Mobile Hungary, in which they have announced that it will charge different rates depending on the mobile data speed the customer has signed up to. This new charge will start from August where customers on the new 21Mbps service will pay more than customers who opt to stick with [...]

Exclusive: Enjoy a Tablet and the Los Angeles Angels at the same time!

Suprisingly enough, T-Mobile has just announced its partnership with Los Angeles Angels in bringing the tablet rental to the Angel’s stadium. “T-Mobile’s Android tablets, combined with America’s Largest 4G Network™, give Angels fans customized content for an affordable price when they rent a tablet during Angels games,” said Darrin Silveria, vice president general manager, Southern California, [...]